Happy Hour is the Best Hour

First post ever, and I am choosing to write about happy hour?
Because I’m still paying off loans, but I will still treat myself to eating out with affordable food/drinks.

An old friend of mine wanted to meet up for food and drinks, so I suggested a place I’ve only been to once which is La BibliotecaThe decor alone made me really like this place. Plus with bites/drinks ranging from $5-$7, I couldn’t go wrong.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos, Spicy Tuna Roll and Red sangria.

Their happy hour lasts until 8pm. Plenty of time to get as much in as you’d like. Not many options here, but enough to satisfy everyone (I hope… I know there are very picky people in the world). They have the usual happy hour options: beer, wine, sangria, margaritas. I went with the red sangria (the apples taste great at the end). The sangria tastes good, but if you’d rather feel more mellow, then I would suggest the margarita. Food options include: tacos (2 for $5), flat breads, or sushi! Each for $5! For the record, I ordered another plate of sushi because I was that hungry that day. I’d say the food is really good for the price your paying. Not the best tacos and sushi I’ve ever had, but they definitely hit the spot for me. Just a heads up, the spicy tuna is by far the spiciest tuna I’ve ever had. Good thing I had the sangria to help me out a bit. Overall, I believe this place is a great spot to choose if you want to sit and catch up with people for a bit. Warning: it’s pretty dark in there in one area, and this bar is downstairs. The main floor has a restaurant that I have yet to try. I will soon though!


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