That Classy Korean BBQ

Going to this restaurant has turned somewhat into an annual tradition for myself. Why? The food is always delicious, and they always come out with an amazing TravelZoo deal where for $80, you get a 3-course meal and a whole bottle of wine for 2. Actually, I’d say 4-course because that bibimbap is pretty filling.

This is Kristalbelli. Modern Korean BBQ so to speak. Not your cliche plethora of grills and fume hoods everywhere, because they cook on glass. Once you see the photo below, you’ll understand why the name of the restaurant is what it is (clever huh?).


Look at that beautiful piece of meat on that belly. Once you go here, they explain why they cook it on glass as opposed to the traditional grill. Unfortunately, all I remember from that snippet is that you don’t leave the restaurant smelling (definitely a plus for me!). The waiters there will cook the meat for you, so you can’t really mess it up. Like most korean bbq places, they also give you sides, including kimchi, lettuce, bean sprouts, a side salad, dried squid strips, etc.

They usually switch up their starter/dessert options, but I have not been disappointed yet. Much more of a fan of the starters/entree than the dessert. The desserts they have under this deal usually just includes ice cream. They make it look pretty though!

So this time when I went, I chose a rock shrimp salad as my starter. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, because salad. Turns out I was wrong. The shrimp was crispy, delicious and they weren’t cheap with the shrimp either! Win!! My friend ordered the crispy salmon, which I had no idea what to expect because it said crispy rice. Also very delicious. For the entree we always get the rib-eye because we’re biased. They never disappoint. The entree also comes with bibimbap, which we never finish because at that point we’re getting pretty full. Remember, you have half a bottle of wine to finish. And if you’re like me, you won’t be entirely sober by then. Yuss! Then there’s dessert: ice cream, puff pastry, and questionable powder on the bottom. we spent like 5 minutes trying to figure out what it was. No conclusion. Sorry!

All in all, this is definitely one of my favorite Korean BBQ places ever. I only go when I feel like splurging though… or when they have that deal. They’re usually apart of restaurant week too (which is happening now!) So stop by some time and enjoy!

P.S. They have a lounge upstairs, and yes they have happy hour deals.


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