2nd City – On the Flip Side

I found out about 2nd City in an odd way. I eternally have Food Network playing on my TV if it’s on, and ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ rerun was playing. Saw the chef competing against Bobby Flay and thought “oh he’s cute!”. Said chef is Jordan Andino (look him up, feel free to agree or disagree with me). Fast forward… I found out he has a restaurant in the city called 2nd City, a Filipino Taqueria. I decided I must go because, 1) I love Filipino food and try to go to all of my friends’ family gatherings for the food, and 2) my friend says she’s met him while on lunch there. Judge all you want lol.

I was finally able to go a few days ago since I got out of work early. He was not there but the person working there was still very nice and had a dope playlist going. The decor includes a massive graffiti-esque art piece on one wall, and a bunch of skateboards on the other with the food items written on it . It’s snug seating but I didn’t feel overcrowded or anything. Try not to go with a party of like 10; I can’t promise you’ll fit.

Dan Dan Noodles with tacos sitting in the back.

I decided to get the Dan Dan Noodles that they recently brought back on their menu. I know, it’s not exactly Filipino but I had a noodle craving. *Shrug* My friend got the noodles AND tacos, because why not. Homegirl gotta eat. The Dan Dan noodles definitely fulfilled my cravings. I didn’t even know what kind of meat it came with (still don’t tbh). It was the perfect level of spicy, mixed with ground meat and scallions. Also, it’s served in a colorful bowl that reminds me of the ones you see in Target/college dorms which I’m all for.

Next up was dessert. If I see ube on any menu I pretty much have to get it. It’s a must. One of of my all time favorite flavors in the world (so far). So our server asked if I wanted the secret dessert that they didn’t list. I was like “Yeah! I wanna feel special/a cool kid.”
IMG_8219Introducing … ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’. Of course I immediately ask, why 7 minutes? No answer. It’s okay, because I have ube. Not only do I get 2 scoops of ube ice cream with coconut shavings mixed in, but I also get a jackfruit donut with jackfruit frosting on top. And to top it all of, FRUITY PEBBLES!! So, visually, yes, this is gorg. However, I have tried enough ube-infused things, that I know that I want that flavor to be really prominent and strong. The flavor that stood out the most to me are the Fruity Pebbles. I did remove the donut and ate the ice cream alone, but I could barely taste the ube. I still ate it and it’s not like it tasted bad at all; just not enough for me personally. Can’t say I’d recommend this to any of my friends though (sorry Jordan! If you ever read this).

In conclusion, I would go back. I would like to try one of his burritos. He is also always having random menu specials from week to week… or is month to month? Regardless, he switches it up so you can’t really get bored! Filipinos (at least the ones I know) may not feel comfortable with the prices though, because they can just get the menu items at home, for much less. Feel free to stop by alone, or with a friend (just 1 though). They also do take-out if you’d like to wander elsewhere and eat. Til next time!



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