2nd City – On the Flip Side

I found out about 2nd City in an odd way. I eternally have Food Network playing on my TV if it’s on, and ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ rerun was playing. Saw the chef competing against Bobby Flay and thought “oh he’s cute!”. Said chef is Jordan Andino (look him up, feel free to agree or disagree with me). Fast forward… I found out he has a restaurant in the city called 2nd City, a Filipino Taqueria. I decided I must go because, 1) I love Filipino food and try to go to all of my friends’ family gatherings for the food, and 2) my friend says she’s met him while on lunch there. Judge all you want lol.

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Miami Spontaneity

Last month I made a spontaneous trip to Miami for my friend’s 25th birthday. I have never been to Miami (I definitely keep getting judged for that… my bad y’all), so I was excited to see what it was all about. Plus, I managed to escape a winter storm in January. Woohoo! Aside from the fact that a cuban sandwich is a must, I pretty much went with the flow when I arrived; had nothing planned, just went with the flow of what people suggested. Wasn’t there for long, but I tried to eat at as many places as possible while I was awake (because partying until 5am is such a norm, and I don’t know how to keep up honestly). Just felt like noting that after I came home every night, I had a box of Pizza Rolls waiting for me. Makes me realize I take the NYC late night pizza joints for granted.

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That Classy Korean BBQ

Going to this restaurant has turned somewhat into an annual tradition for myself. Why? The food is always delicious, and they always come out with an amazing TravelZoo deal where for $80, you get a 3-course meal and a whole bottle of wine for 2. Actually, I’d say 4-course because that bibimbap is pretty filling.

This is Kristalbelli. Modern Korean BBQ so to speak. Not your cliche plethora of grills and fume hoods everywhere, because they cook on glass. Once you see the photo below, you’ll understand why the name of the restaurant is what it is (clever huh?).

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New Orleans – You Have My Heart (and Belly)

I would just like to point out, up keeping a blog is way harder than I thought; so shout out to everyone that maintains their’s on a regular basis. Also, thank goodness for Swarm/Foursquare for reminding me where I ate, back in February.

It only took me half a year to write another post, but it’s a good one! It’s about everywhere I ate while I was on my trip to New Orleans during Mardis Gras (yes I focused on the food more than the alcohol, because let’s be real here.. what’s more important). No empty calories here! Okay.. maybe some. I really fell in love with this city, and I cannot wait to go back. Now to the good part, the food!

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Mr. Taka Knows

So for a while I’ve been on this ‘journey’ to find the best ramen in New York City. It has gotten pretty popular over the past few years and there are shops popping up everywhere. In college everyone was like ‘boo… ramen noodle diet’ because college budgets were pretty rough. Well, I grew up with instant ramen always available in my home, so I thought the ramen noodle diet was great (still do). Now that I’ve graduated, and can afford going out to eat, might as well see what the city has to offer. Plus, I love noodles… just as much as rice, maybe even more. I’ll debate to myself later.

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Happy Hour is the Best Hour

First post ever, and I am choosing to write about happy hour?
Because I’m still paying off loans, but I will still treat myself to eating out with affordable food/drinks.

An old friend of mine wanted to meet up for food and drinks, so I suggested a place I’ve only been to once which is La BibliotecaThe decor alone made me really like this place. Plus with bites/drinks ranging from $5-$7, I couldn’t go wrong.

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