How Do I Know Where To Go?

There are two sites I am subscribed to, that allows me to stay updated on food:


Tasting Table is a website that offers everything from restaurant guides to recipes. They’ll tell you what’s new around town, what’s in season, etc. I also just really love the aesthetics of the website itself. They do have an Instagram as well for you to salivate over.



Think of Pinterest, but with articles. About food and wine and everything in between. They will also send you e-mails once a week or so to update you on life.


Thanks to the new popularity of ‘lists’ everywhere on the internet, this has helped me decide what places I would like to try. My go to ‘list sites’:

  1. Thrillist 
  2. Timeout 

If lists do not exist for the dish you’re looking for, Yelp and Google are a great go-to as well. When in doubt, just Google right?

By far my favorite means of figuring out what to eat? Friends. People always have some sort of recommendation of places they’ve gone to before. If not, just wander and try something new! All you have to lose is… an unfortunate meal you had to pay for. However, like everything else in life, you won’t know until you try.