Miami Spontaneity

Last month I made a spontaneous trip to Miami for my friend’s 25th birthday. I have never been to Miami (I definitely keep getting judged for that… my bad y’all), so I was excited to see what it was all about. Plus, I managed to escape a winter storm in January. Woohoo! Aside from the fact that a cuban sandwich is a must, I pretty much went with the flow when I arrived; had nothing planned, just went with the flow of what people suggested. Wasn’t there for long, but I tried to eat at as many places as possible while I was awake (because partying until 5am is such a norm, and I don’t know how to keep up honestly). Just felt like noting that after I came home every night, I had a box of Pizza Rolls waiting for me. Makes me realize I take the NYC late night pizza joints for granted.

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